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These tips are exactly what you need when you are looking for quick and easy solutions, prevention methods, or more information about garage doors in general.

Know how to stay safe around the garage door springs

The torsion springs that are mounted overhead contain a lot of potential energy that's used to bring the heavy door up or to lower it gently. If you're not satisfied with the performance of your torsion spring and you would like to make adjustments to it, our company advises that you leave this task to the professionals. If the torsion spring accidentally uncoils while you're handling it, the rapidly uncoiling spring could hurt you badly, or worse.

Install your opener at least five feet above the ground, out of children reach

As part of a safety measure, you must have your garage door opener mounted tall enough, out of reach of young children. This will help avoid them from toying around with the opener, activating it unnecessarily and putting themselves in danger.

Prevent moisture from damaging your metal garage

Corrosion or rusting is a common wrought iron or steel garage door problem caused by moisture. To prevent this problem, you have to cover the exposed metal parts of your garage, from the garage door panel to the hinges, springs, railings, and the door tracks. You can do this by painting these parts or applying lubrication.

Remember the basics of door opener maintenance

Garage door maintenance for the electric door opener of an automatic door has to factor in the basics. These basics are the reversal test, force setting test, and the assessment of photoelectric eyes and edge sensors. All of these aim to test the safety of an automatically opening and closing garage door.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of your new door

If you intend to get sectional doors, our garage door specialists suggest that you should study its boons and banes. Be aware of the torsion springs that come as a standard for their operational set-up and realize that they can be quite a hassle to troubleshoot without the aid of a garage door repair expert.


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