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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Amazing team for spring repair

I don't know what was wrong with my overhead door but I knew with certainty that the problem had to be fixed as soon as possible, because the door was sagging. I had trust that Garage Door Repair Eden Prairie would come at once as they have responded fast in two previous occasions for repair services. Indeed, one of the technicians showed up quickly and told me there was a problem with the garage door springs and had to add some tension. Anyway! He did and he did it fast! The problem was solved, the technician was excellent and his service was exceptional, too.

Immediate response for opener service

I appreciated the speed of your company when I had some issues with my garage door. I couldn't be sure about the origins of the problem but it seemed that the door wouldn't close well on the floor. Otherwise, it moved fine! The technician understood immediately what was wrong and adjusted some things in the garage door opener unit. The issue was solved immediately. Despite that, he also checked a few more garage door parts because as he said he wanted to be sure that the door would move alright and there would be no more apparent problems. Very professional approach!

Cable problems fixed at once

The service of Eden Prairie Garage Door Repair was beyond my expectations. To be honest, I was expecting a normal service when I had some trouble with one of my garage door cables. Since the door would still move, I thought the company would send someone over in one or two days. They sent someone in two hours. They said that they wanted to prevent the cable from snapping. I couldn't believe it! The entire garage door repair service was excellent, the response was much faster than I would ever imagine and the technician was extremely nice, capable and polite. Excellent!

Excellent garage door spring replacement

It was time for us to replace the garage door springs. We knew that for some time now but kept postponing the date till the springs became noisy. At this point, we asked ourselves whether we have risked our lives by waiting for so long since no technician could ever replace our overhead door springs fast. We didn't know that Garage Door Repair Eden Prairie would send one of its technicians within the next hours. It was amazing! Not only did they respond fast, but the technician got the new spring for us right out of his van, and the service was done in a bit.

Same day electric opener repair

I couldn't risk moving my overhead door with noise coming from the opener. It was humming intensely while the door was moving. They assured me from Eden Prairie Garage Door Repair that the technician would be in our house in just a while. I thought it was an exaggeration! Who could make it so fast, I thought to myself but the doorbell changed my mind. It was the technician! Amazing! He went straight to the garage, got his tools out and fixed the garage door opener in no time. I never understood what was actually wrong with it, but now it works perfectly.

Track Replacement and Spring Adjustment

"I called this service provider to fix my broken garage track because I had heard great things about it from people that I know. I really appreciated the friendly and professional attitude which I received over the phone. They sent a technician even more quickly than I had expected. The tech brought a replacement track and set it up without wasting a second. He ran a test to ensure that the unit was working as it should, and adjusted the garage door spring for best results. I was more than happy with the result of the technician's work. That is why I strongly recommend the services of Garage Door Repair in Eden Prairie."


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